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What do I get when I book Full Circle for my function?

When you make a booking with Full Circle, we quote for the industry standard 5 hour time block. This can obviously be extended at an additional cost (see Optional Extras). We recommend 4 x 45 minute sets, and require a minimum 15 minute break between these long sets. Sets can obviously be broken up into smaller segments to meet the particular requirements of your event however we find this arrangement works well for most functions. Typically we will work our sets around the particulars of your event, such as speeches, cutting of the cake, bridal waltz etc. We prefer to work to a running sheet, however sets may be rearranged on the fly if things fall behind schedule or situations change. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and are quite flexible within reasonable limits. Talk to us about your wishes and we are sure we can come up with suitable set-times. The quoted 6 hour block starts from the first note played. We do not charge any extra to set up, sound check or pack up after your function. These elements are not counted towards the 6 hour time period and are included at no cost.

Do we need to provide each band member with a meal?

Yes. The band will generally be spending upwards of six hours at your function, not including travel time. We therefore require and do appreciate a meal in order to keep us going throughout your function. You will find most venues include meals for musicians/entertainers as part of their packages. If you use private catering please make sure they are aware we are to be part of their catering arrangements.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We pride ourselves on a transparent booking process and respect and understand your need for an unambiguous fee-structure when using our services. Our quoted fees are all inclusive, with no hidden costs or extras, unless you explicitly request one of our optional extras. Prices include GST and there are no additional agent’s fees (as we are self-managed).

When are additional fees charged?

The only time you will be asked to pay above our regular listed prices for a standard function, is for large corporate functions (and only at certain venues) in December. This is an extremely busy time of year and often the venues hosting these functions require extended load-in times, exacerbated by complex security arrangements (e.g. Etihad Stadium, Crown Casino, Melbourne Convention Centre). Weddings and regular functions in smaller venues are not affected and remain at the regular listed prices. Please email us at to discuss exact pricing for functions and corporate events in these larger venues throughout December. Extra fees are charged when travel requirements extend beyond 50km, as calculated from the Melbourne CBD: 0-50kms Free 50-100kms Extra $50 per musician 100-150kms Extra $100 per musician 150-200kms Extra $150 per musician 200kms plus Please contact us to obtain an accurate quote Extra fees are charged when you explicitly ask for any of the following optional extras: Additional musicians: Our augmented line-ups make use of only the best musicians Melbourne has to offer and are charged at an additional rate of $350 above the regular band rate. These musicians can be any additional combination of trumpet, trombone, saxophone and our amazing Latin percussionist. Stage lighting: A lighting rig can be hired at extra expense for larger evening functions. The production size will be tailored to accommodate the size of the room and the number of guests. MC function: Full Circle can provide you with the use of our experienced MC to help your event run smoothly. This function is usually undertaken by the lead singer of the group, for an additional fee of $150.

What happens during the band breaks between sets?

All Full Circle functions include the free use of our full-size Public Address (PA) system, something many bands charge $200 or more for. As well as amplifying the band, the PA is also used to keep the atmosphere buzzing during set breaks, when the band is not playing. We always carry a selection of appropriate background music and dance-floor music to be used at appropriate points throughout the night. This set-break music is provided on our iPod.

Can I use the band PA and organize my own backing music?

You are more than welcome to use the band PA for speeches and you can also provide your own background music if you prefer. This may be a collection of your favourite tracks that can be used to personalize key moments throughout your function, or you may simply want to use the one special pre-recorded track for your bridal waltz. We strongly suggest the use an iPod or similar music player, as CDs are notoriously troublesome, particularly those burnt on a computer, as they do not play on all CD players equally well.

Can the band play for my bridal waltz?

Most people prefer to use the pre-recorded original version as this is the exact version they know and love, however we can learn and play a song of your choice for your bridal dance if you prefer. Feel free to talk to us if you are having difficulty selecting something appropriate for this part of the evening. Please bear in mind that immediately following the bridal waltz, the full bridal party is usually invited to join the happy couple on the dance floor. The remaining guests usually follow after that, so it is important to set the right tone with this first dance tune. If you have choreographed a particular dance sequence then we highly recommend the use of the original recording, as it will be the same speed, length and form as what you have rehearsed.

How do I choose what music the band will play over the course of my function?

Full Circle specializes in contemporary and classic pop and funk tunes, in addition to a healthy dose of jazz, blues and lighter rock material. We pride ourselves on knowing what songs to play when. We tailor our selections to the mood of the room, reading and guiding the energy of your guests via a careful selection of appropriate music. We also pay attention to your needs in getting through any necessary formalities and moving between these requirements seamlessly and fluidly. Please refer to our song-list PDF, and also our example set-list PDF, for a representative sample of our repertoire. If there are particular tracks amongst these that your really love or are a pet-hate, please let us know and we will adjust our sets accordingly. We will try our best to accommodate specific song requests whenever possible, but these requests should be made with plenty of advance warning and be in the ballpark of the styles of music we play. We are not a heavy rock band, nor are we a classical orchestra, so please keep this in mind when booking us and making song requests.

Will you play past the set time frame if we need you to?

We will organize the playing time period at the time of booking. If however, you have reached the end of the scheduled time and feel that the night is still going strong and you would like the band to continue we can accommodate this at an additional fee of $100 per musician per extra hour time block. For example, for the 5 piece band to play an extra hour = $500 in addition to the agreed fee. This time extension however, must be cleared with the venue, and bear in mind that some venues will charge a large premium for this, as their staff will need to be paid overtime. We need express permission from the venue function manager to keep on playing after the scheduled time.

What are the steps required to make a booking?

Decide on what band size and configuration you prefer. Give as much detail about your event as you can so that we can give you an accurate quote. Our quotes include the GST, include all standard sound equipment and have no additional costs unless you specifically request any optional extras. We will send you a formal individualized quote if and when you decide to lock in a date and have decided on a band size and configuration. If you agree to accept our formal quote, we will then ask that you provide us with the contact details of your MC and your venue’s function manager and a detailed running sheet as soon as this has been decided upon. Formalities during the night such as toasts, speeches, cutting of the cake and dances should be clearly listed. We understand that things can and do change, however just do your best in giving us at least a basic outline. It is always ok to make changes, but please keep us in the loop, giving us as much notice as possible and talking any major changes through with us. Significant changes to your booking may require a revised quote. These changes can generally be accommodated if we are given ample notice. Examples of major changes include: Changing the venue to one drastically different or much further away. Changing the date, starting time or significantly extending the running time of the function. Changing the band set-up time to significantly earlier. Deciding later that you would like the band or a duo to play for your ceremony before the reception. Specific song requests and selections for bridal waltz music should be forwarded to us as early as possible so we can learn the material. Confirmation of all details should occur no later than one week prior to the function date.

How do we pay you?

Payment by cash or cheque on the night is fine, however if you prefer to have one less thing to organize on the night, you can make a payment by direct deposit. Please contact us at for our bank details.

What happens on the function date?

Before the function, the band will generally arrive before your guests in order to set up and sound-check if required. The arrival time will depend on the size of the band and their set-up needs. Please check to make sure that the venue is aware of the band arrival time and please keep the venue function manager informed of your and the band’s requirements. During the function, the band will continuously liaise with the MC or function manager to ensure that the event runs smoothly. We understand that the best plans often go astray or change on the night, so we will work with them to keep things running on time. In general we will take orders from the function manager regarding stopping or starting playing if things have strayed markedly from the running sheet. When they request us to do something, we will assume that it is ok with you, as they have been entrusted to take on this role.

How much space do you need and what are your power requirements?

Our standard 5 piece band is quite compact, so unless the venue has a stage, we can just as easily fit into most room corners. Be aware though that with a PA system (and light show if applicable) you won’t want to set us up directly next to tables of guests, particularly in a large room where our sound needs to fill the room. Usually we are set up next to the dance floor, but we are flexible! We will provide our own extension leads and power boards, but we will need access to a minimum of 1 standard 10 amp GPO.

Will the band play outdoors?

If required, the band can play outdoors, however this is conditional on adequate shelter, sufficient and stable power, a solid and level floor, and no water or gale-force winds directly affecting the performance area. Our equipment is sensitive to the elements so please make sure you have us under a solid and weatherproof shelter. If playing outdoors, you will need to organize a suitable marquee with adequate power.